Public security professionals train to prevent attacks

44 national security professionals from Senegal and Ghana have been trained in the Rural Action Unit of the Guardia Civil.
Training in Dakar, Senegal

The CT Public Spaces project carries out a large number of training sessions, in Spain and in partner countries. Everything learnt is later replicated in Ghana, Kenya and Senegal by trained personnel. So far, more than 140public security professionals have been trained in techniques such as precision shooting, intervention dog guides, explosives detection, command and control, use and detection of drones or evacuation of civilians and tactical patrol. All this with the aim of preventing possible attacks in public spaces.
Within the framework of the European project that is managed by the FIIAPP and is being implemented by the Guardia Civil, a series of key activities and training sessions have taken place in Senegal. The risk analysis training course, through which 10 Senegalese specialists have worked in the facilities of the Inter-Ministerial Intervention and Coordination Centre for Counter-Terrorism Operations (CICO), with the aim of improving risk assessment in public spaces, has now been completed. In addition, a training session on command and control was launched, attended by high-level professionals from the CICO, the Senegalese National Police (PNS) and the Senegalese Gendarmerie (GNS).
6 members of the Ghana Police Service have travelled to Logroño (Spain) to begin command and control training. The team was visited by the Consul of Ghana in Spain, who was able to see in situ how their training was carried out in the facilities of the Rural Action Unit of the Guardia Civil (UAR). There was also an exchange of experiences in Logroño with representatives from the security forces of Senegal, Ghana and Spain, which encourages cooperation and mutual learning.