The official equipment handover ceremony takes place in Dakar

The CT Public Spaces project, with the financial support from the EU, has provided security forces of Senegal with non-harmful equipment necessary for the training and for the operational protection of public spaces in the country.

Official Equipment Handover Ceremony in Dakar, June 2022.

The official handover equipment ceremony took place in Dakar (Senegal) the past 17th of June, with the presence of the Secretary General of the Ministry of the Interior and authorities from the Intervention and Inter-ministerial Coordination Center for Counter-Terrorism Operations (CICO-LAT), the Senegalese National Police General Directorate (SNPGD) and the Senegalese National Gendarmerie (SNG) in Senegal, representation from the Delegation of the European Union to Senegal as well as the General manager from FIIAPP.
With the handover of this equipment the CT Public Spaces project specifically contributes to the delivery of capacity building sessions from our partners to the national institutions responsible for protecting civilians in public spaces in Senegal.

Delivery of non-harmful equipment in Dakar, June 2022.
The delivery of non-harmful equipment to the security forces of partner countries is one of the actions within the scope of the CT Public Spaces project. The project aims to preserve the rule oflaw and Human Rights safeguards in third countries internal regulations andprocedures, in order to tackle the current threat posed by terrorism andorganised crime around the world, while protecting the rights of people. Forthis to be achieved, equipment handovers are an essential part of the exchange,as these materials are necessary for the replication of training sessions andthe operational protection of public spaces.