#PublicExpertise: Improving security in Ghana, Kenya and Senegal

Civil Guard Colonel Javier Hernández coordinates the European CT-Public Spaces project to reinforce security in Ghana, Kenya and Senegal.
Civil Guard Colonel Javier Hernández

What has been the greatest achievement of your experience as a mobilised expert?
Managing the (CT-Public Spaces) project with repercussions in several African countries (Ghana, Kenya and Senegal), representing an almost 200-year-old institution like the Guardia Civil and succeeding in improving everyone’s security. 
What are you most proud of?
Of having been able to convey our way of doing things, seriously and rigorously, to security forces in partner countries, and to have forged links with them that will last beyond the duration of the project. 
How has your assignment helped to improve the lives of people and the planet?
We contribute to the security of citizens and to the development of their societies. If we succeed, we improve their day-to-day lives and based on this we improve their societies, making them freer and more prosperous.  
What is the main value of the public aspect for you?
Providing citizens with security is, without a doubt, the legal responsibility of public administrations, but we all have a role in this regard. In our project we set out to involve the private sector. We must all cooperate within our respective skills areas.
What have you learned from this experience?
You are always learning and it is always possible to do things differently. Each country has its own ways of doing things, times, customs and influences. We must be open to these and we must adapt our procedures to the circumstances, try to collaborate without dictating, inspire trust and establish ties that ensure the continuity of this collaboration, as well as the appropriation of what has been learned by the different security forces of the partner countries.