Ongoing activities to improve the security of public spaces in Senegal

The Spanish Guardia Civil and FIIAPP visit Senegal to coordinate the forthcoming activities of the CT Public Spaces project

In September, Dakar hosted the second mission of the European project, the Protection of Public Spaces against Terrorism (CT Public Spaces) in Senegal. Over the course of a week, project members held meetings with Senegalese authorities and Spanish and European representatives in the country to strengthen institutional relations and plan the coming technical and training activities.
The project’s Spanish representation, comprising managers, coordinators and a key expert, from the Guardia Civil and FIIAPP met with the Director General of the Senegalese National Police (PNS), the Deputy Chief of the Senegalese National Gendarmerie (GNS) and the Director of CICO (Senegal Inter-Ministerial Coordination Panel for Counter-Terrorism Operations), the CT Public Spaces Point of Contact (PoC) as well as their corresponding technical teams. In these meetings, the framework protocol for the project, the work plan, the schedule of upcoming initiatives, as well as the profile of the students who will attend the training course, were established, paying special attention to gender equality.


Likewise, the CT Public Spaces team, accompanied by members of the Spanish Embassy’s Interior Department in Senegal, shared the current situation regarding the project, the planned activities and the expected results with the European Union Delegationand with the Spanish Ambassador.
CT Public Spaces is a cooperation project, funded by the European Union and managed by the FIIAPP, which has specialists from the Guardia Civil to carry out its objective: to prevent and reduce terrorist attacks and their effects on urban public spaces. The initiative provides support to Senegal, Ghana and Kenya and focuses on strengthening local capacities to protect these spaces and infrastructure elements, in addition to improving public-private cooperation in this sector.