CT Public Spaces project gathers in Niamey to advance counter-terrorism in the region.

CT Public Spaces’ project team took part in an international Forum in Niamey last week. This event was followed by a seminar organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation.

On March 25th, Lieutenant Colonel (from the Spanish Guardia Civil) L. Javier González Benito, representing the CT Public Spaces project, actively participated in the Niamey Forum on Peace and stabilization, in Niger.
The Programme focused its interventions on the fight against terrorism and stabilization in conflict zones, taking the Central Sahel and the Lake Chad Basin region as a reference. At the end of the working day, which included high-level panellists, a final document was presented summarizing the most relevant conclusions.

CT Public Spaces’ project team took part in an international Forum in Niamey last week.

The following day, Friday, March 26th, a parallel conference was held focusing on the commitment and role of Spanish institutions in the fight against terrorism in the Sahel. The event was inaugurated by the Deputy Assistant Director General for International Cooperation against Terrorism, Drugs and Organised Crime. This session was attended by members of the National Police, the Ministry of Defence, the Spanish Guardia Civil and FIIAPP.
Among others, it was discussed how the Rural Action Unit (UAR) contributes to security in the Sahel today, as well as the European projects contribution to prevent terrorist attacks in the region. The CT Public Spaces project, which is implemented by the Spanish Guardia Civil and managed by the FIIAPP, was an example of this.
The President of the High Authority for the Consolidation of Peace, the organiser of the conference in Niger and the director of the Niger’s National Gendarmerie, took an interest in the presentation of the CT Public Spaces project. The event was closed by the Spanish Ambassador to Niger, Ms. Nuria Reigosa.